Fixing Bugs in Our Game — Episode 1


Since my last article, I have been fixing bugs in our game to make sure that we have a stable foundation to build on before we continue to implement new features.

This new series of articles will be in a shorter format and document the process of fixing bugs in-between developing new features.

The Selection Arrow Stays in Place When Walking Away From the Watering Pump

The selection arrows that you can see above items in the game should appear when you get close enough to interact with the items and disappear when you get too far away.

I noticed during playtesting that the arrow stays above the water pump despite walking away from it.

The game is programmed to keep the arrow visible above the selected item and didn’t check to see if the item was in range or not.

After adding an appropriate if case to the code, it seems to have solved the problem;


I hope you enjoyed this rather short article while I keep working on implementing the next part of the vehicle system.

For the next article, I will try my best at implementing wind for the sailing part of the gameplay.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!



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